Dr Leah Trueblood DPhil

Dr Leah Trueblood
Career Development Fellow; Faculty of Law
College office: 
Tutor in Public and EU Law

Dr Leah Trueblood teaches Constitutional and Administrative Law to undergraduate students. She also helps to co-convene a seminar on referendums as part of the Constitutional Theory course for postgraduate students in law.

Research interests: 

Leah’s research specialism is the role for referendums in the process of constitutional change, particularly concerning different conceptions of democracy, authority, and popular sovereignty. She is also interested in how arguments about referendums are informed by different views of voting and the concept of representation.

In addition to her duties at Worcester, Leah is a Postdoctoral Fellow of the British Academy. The provisional thesis of her British Academy project is that there is no such thing as a political party. She will argue instead that political parties are composed of overlapping groups that should be treated as legally and morally distinct.

Selected publications: 

Leah is the author of ‘Legislating for Referendums in the United Kingdom,’ forthcoming in Public Law. She has also published pieces in the MLR, LQR, and Legal Studies. CBC’s Ideas program profiled her research in 2017.