Welcome to Worcester! It’s my great pleasure to be custodian of a college with a history that stretches back seven centuries: we look at the past with pride, and at the future with anticipation.

We’re well-known for our warmth and friendliness, for our commitment to academic excellence, for our beautiful buildings and for our wonderful gardens – widely considered to be the finest in Oxford.

Worcester College was established in 1714, but on the site of a much older educational community founded by Benedictine monks in the 13th century. We were once on the fringes of Oxford, but now we’re right at the beating heart of this university city. Whilst proud of our heritage, we’re also a forward-looking college that balances tradition and modernity and is keen to embrace the future.

As a first-generation student from rural south Wales, I want to ensure that everyone feels welcome in Oxford, whatever their background. Our access and outreach team continues its work with prospective students from under-represented groups and our support for learning, welfare and finance ensures that all our students are fully enabled to make the most of their time here.

I’m proud of the work that’s taken place at Worcester to create an inclusive environment and build one of Oxford’s most diverse colleges. I believe our excellence – whether in teaching and research, or gardening and catering – is a reflection of that diversity. With 400 undergraduates, 200 graduates, 150 academics and 150 staff, our strength is in our community. Strong communities value and respect the multiple perspectives and opinions of their members, past and present. We stay in touch with thousands of alumni around the world who are always part of the Worcester College family.

As Provost, I’m lucky to be in daily contact with an extraordinary range of current and former students. It’s a privilege, and it’s clear that studying at Worcester is truly transformative. This is a college that not only educates but inspires: a community that opens up a world of possibility and a lifetime of friendship.

Whether you’re a prospective student, an ‘Old Member’, or someone who’d like to marvel at our beautiful buildings and gardens for the first time, you’re very welcome here. Do come and visit wonderful Worcester.

David Isaac CBE, Provost

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