Information and booking details for those who have previously completed their studies but have not yet had their degree conferred can be found below. You’ll also find information about degree certificates, completion letters and MA conferrals.


Booking a degree ceremony

Degrees can be conferred in person or in absentia. For conferral in person, you normally need to go on a waiting list in the first instance. Priority is given to current students; once the priority booking period for current students has passed, any remaining places are then offered to those on the waiting lists. Degrees can be conferred in absentia on any date, providing applications are received at least 5 weeks in advance.

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Degree certificates

Degree certificates are only issued once a degree has been officially conferred at a ceremony, either in person or in absentia. If you had your degree conferred a number of years ago but didn’t receive a certificate at the time, please download and complete the postal order form from the University’s website. If your degree certificate is lost, stolen or damaged, you can order a replacement certificate from the University’s Degree Conferrals Office at a cost of £45.

If you need formal certification that you have completed a course of study, but have not yet had the degree conferred at a ceremony, the University can produce a “degree confirmation letter” for you. Please see the University’s website for information on how to request one.

Oxford degree certificates & letters


MA degree conferrals

Holders of the Oxford BA or BFA are eligible for the MA ‘in or after the twenty-first term from his or her matriculation’. This is not an automatic process and no reminders will be sent. Please complete a booking form at the appropriate time, and return it to the Assistant Academic Administrator at