We don’t want finances to put you off applying to Worcester or Oxford. There are lots of different ways to support your studies and ways that the University can help.

You’ll need to consider both your course fees and your living costs. Oxford course fees are the same regardless of your college and, if you’re a UK student, you’ll be eligible for a government loan to cover the full amount. That means there’s nothing to pay upfront. Domestic living costs vary from college to college. There are additional government loans available to put towards these, as well as enhanced support for students from lower-income families.

Oxford University offers one of the most generous financial packages available for UK students, providing over £8.5 million in support to undergraduates from lower-income households. Around 1 in 4 UK students currently receive an annual, non-repayable Oxford Bursary or Crankstart Scholarship. Neither require an application as they are based on a household income assessment carried out by your regional funding agency (e.g. Student Finance England). Give your consent for your funding agency to share your details and we’ll do the rest. The University also provides further support for care-experienced students or those who are estranged from their family.

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Oxford Living Costs

The University estimates living costs to be between £1,290 – £1,840 a month in 2023-24, including accommodation, food, social and study costs. Academic years in Oxford consist of three terms of eight weeks, but you may need to be in Oxford longer for exams or other commitments so it’s a good idea to budget for 9 months.

Accommodation at Worcester is offered at a range of price-points to suit your budget. You can choose to cook for yourself or enjoy heavily subsidised meals in the College’s dining hall or café. Our pay-as-you-go system means that you only pay for what you eat and have the flexibility to combine catering and self-catering as it suits you.

Additional costs you may need to consider are travel to and from Oxford, as well as visa costs if you’re an international student. If you’re eligible for the Crankstart Scholarship or Oxford Bursary, then you’ll also receive a travel grant to help with the cost of travelling to and from the city.

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How Worcester can support you

As well as supporting students who come into financial difficulty, we also reward students with prizes for academic and sporting achievement, as well as supporting travel and vacation work.

We offer Book Bursaries, Vacation Study Grants, Travel Grants, and Field Work or Dissertation Bursaries for current students. In addition, our Equal Access to Learning Fund offers means-tested support for essential study supplies including laptops, textbooks and additional tuition.

If you come into financial difficulty while you’re studying with us, we’ll do our best to help you. There are a range of options available but the key thing is to make sure you let us know – that way we can arrange the most suitable support in plenty of time. Our dedicated Financial Aid Officer will be able to assist you with accessing funds from the government, College or University, or finding alternative ways in which the College may be able to help.

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