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Our Policies

Worcester College operates under a series of By-laws and Statutes agreed by our Governing Body. We also adhere to important policies that protect the safety and security of the College, our staff and our students. Most College policies can be found in our handbooks; for areas where we don’t have a specific College policy, we follow the University of Oxford’s guidance.


Worcester College handles a large amount of personal data, and we take data privacy very seriously. The College has published separate privacy notices which are applicable to the various groups of people the College interacts with and its activities which involve the processing of personal data.

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Freedom of Information

We are committed to being transparent and promoting the public’s understanding of the College’s activities, as far as is reasonably possible under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

We also recognise that certain information is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. We cannot release information that is archived, out of date, or otherwise inaccessible. We also reserve the right to not release information if it would be impractical or resource-intensive to prepare this information to be regularly released. We reserve the right to charge for printed copies of some documents available on the website, to cover administrative costs.

To make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request please contact us via the following email or postal address:


Communications Manager, Worcester College, Walton Street, Oxford, OX1 2HB

For issues with our FOI process, please contact our Communications Manager in the first instance. If you’re not happy with how the matter is dealt with you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office, who can also provide advice about making enquiries under the Freedom of Information Act.