Worcester College is home to buildings spanning 700 years and a large variety of outdoor spaces. This multi-level site presents challenges in the twenty-first century but we do our best to provide accessible spaces for all.

Porter's Lodge entrance

The main entrance to the College and the Porters’ Lodge have level access, from where you can also access the Dining Hall and Chapel via ramp or stairs. There is a platform lift in this area providing access from the entrance level to the south side of the site, including Pump Quad, the Asa Briggs Building and Linbury Building. The Porters are happy to provide assistance with its use. There is a standard lift and power-assisted door in Staircase 6 providing access to the north side of the site, including the Nash Building, MCR and Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre. Assistance and advice for visitors with disabilities can be sought from the Porters’ Lodge.

From the Porters’ Lodge there are staircase entrances with +2 stairs and some ground floor rooms off these staircases are +1 stairs. Ground floor rooms in the medieval Cottages are accessed by -1 stair. There is no lift provision to other floors of the oldest parts of the College – except between the ground and basement level in the Provost’s Lodgings – and currently the libraries, bar and JCR are up or down a steep flight of stairs.

Hard surfaces in the quads and gardens are a mix of flagstones, tarmac and gravel. Given their age, some of the paved areas are uneven and some people may find the graveled areas difficult to negotiate.

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Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre auditorium

Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre

The Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre is a fully-accessible flagship building. There is a powered door into the foyer which leads to the auditorium, seminar rooms and toilets. The auditorium is accessible via ramp and there is also a platform lift to provide access to the stage. The auditorium has a hearing support system in place and there is an accessible bathroom off the foyer.