Professor Heather Viles MA, DPhil

Professor Heather Viles
School of Geography and the Environment
College office: 
Professor of Biogeomorphology and Heritage Conservation
Research interests: 

Professor Viles researches into geomorphology and environmental issues, focusing especially on biological influences on geomorphology, the weathering of building stones, rock breakdown on Earth and Mars and coastal environmental issues. She has recently carried out fieldwork in Namibia, Libya and South Africa and around the streets of Oxford. Further information on her research interests and publications can be found on her webpage.

Selected publications: 

Professor Viles' publications include a jointly authored book with Andrew Goudie on environmental issues, entitled The Earth Transformed, published by Blackwell, and she is Co-Editor of the book Student's Companion to Geography (2nd edition) published by Blackwell. Her latest book (with Andrew Goudie) is Landscapes and Geomorphology, part of the 'Very short introduction' series of Oxford University Press which was published in 2010. She is the co-author of Landscapes and landforms of Namibia (World Geomorphological Landscapes) (Springer, 2015).