4 March 2022

The whole Worcester community has been shocked and saddened by the tragic and terrible events unfolding in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with all those caught up in this conflict, and all those affected by it, including our staff, students and Fellows impacted by the events taking place. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and fellow academics and students who are in imminent danger and with those who support their sovereignty and rights, including the many thousands of Russian citizens who join in deploring their government’s actions.

On a practical level, members of our community are seeking to support those forced to leave their homes and their country. The University has published their response to the situation in Ukraine which details what they and the colleges have done already, support that is available to staff and students, and suggestions for those who want to know how they might help. Through the University, discussions are also taking place with the Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara) about providing support for academics in Ukraine in immediate danger of arrest, injury and even death.

This is understandably a difficult time for members of our College personally affected, and we stand ready to provide welfare and support to all those in need - current members can contact the Welfare Team.