Organ Scholar off to Exeter Cathedral

24 January 2023
Grand Organ at Exeter Cathedral

Congratulations to Giles Longstaff who will be joining Exeter Cathedral as their Organ Scholar in September. Giles is currently in his final year reading Music at Worcester and is the Chapel's Organ Scholar. The intimate space of the College Chapel is a far cry from the nave at Exeter, where Giles will be playing the Grand Organ, first constructed in 1665 and today containing over 4,000 pipes.

Canon Precentor at Exeter Cathedral, James Mustard, said: "We’re all so pleased to be welcoming Giles to Exeter Cathedral later this year. His experience as a Chorister at York, and his time both as a student and Organ Scholar at Worcerster College will have set him up well for this role. He’s coming to a busy cathedral and, though he will be learning from us, we also look forward to learning from him."

We wish Giles all the best in this exciting new role.

Giles Longstaff in a red jumper