New insights into cardiac microvascular dysfunction

13 August 2021
Professor Kim Dora

Research led by Professor Kim Dora, Tutor in Medicine and Professor of Microvascular Pharmacology at the University of Oxford and Professor Raimondo Ascione at the University of Bristol, offers new insights into cardiac microvascular dysfunction that could help to develop new treatments to aid patients with angina-like symptoms without coronary blockages, or those recovering from a heart attack or unexplained heart failure. The research has shown abnormalities in the tiny blood vessels of human hearts in regions well beyond the large arteries with blockages that trigger the need for stents or bypass surgery.

Professor Dora says:

"I am so excited with the results of this study and the excellent teamwork with Professor Ascione in Bristol.  Not only will our findings enhance the development of new medical treatments and possibly new patient imaging modalities, but they represent a new ex-vivo research model for thousands of scientists globally working on microvascular dysfunction in the heart and other organs."

The study is funded by the British Heart Foundation and is published in Cardiovascular Research

 You can read more about Professor Dora’s research here.