John Parrington publishes new book on human consciousness

26 October 2023
Consciousness book cover

Today sees the publication of Consciousness: How Our Brains Turn Matter into Meaning by Professor John Parrington, Fellow & Tutor in Medicine and joint Head of Research at Worcester.

An Associate Professor of Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology, John's research investigates how chemical signals regulate important processes in the body. In Consciousness, he proposes a radical new theory by arguing that a qualitative leap in consciousness occurred during human evolution as language and the use of tools transformed our brains. Rejecting outdated views of the brain as a hard-wired circuit diagram, he draws on the latest insights from neuroscience to show that meaning is created within our heads through a dynamic interaction of oscillating brain waves. This new model of consciousness not only provides a material basis of our innermost thoughts but also explains why the mind can sometimes go wrong, causing deep mental distress.

John discusses his research on a recent episode of the Keen On podcast, hosted by well-known broadcaster and commentator Andrew Keen. Tune in for answers to the big question: what makes humans so special and why can our brains turn matter into meaning?

Find out more about the new book from Icon Books.