EDI Fund Awards Announcement

23 May 2023
EDI Fund

We received an exciting array of proposals from staff and students for the EDI Fund this term, and are pleased to announce the successful projects. The EDI Fund was launched this term with an annual budget of £2,500 to be awarded to support projects that aim to enhance equality, diversity and inclusion in College life. 

The following projects have been awarded funding in Trinity Term 2023: 

PERIODically Podcast Launch Event – PERIODically is a podcast created by both undergraduate and postgraduate chemists to discuss experiences of how having a period has affected their time studying chemistry. The podcast aims to educate and raise awareness about something that is rarely talked about openly. It will shed light on some of the problems periods pose, attempt to tackle stereotypes, and hopefully create a conversation around how we can improve studying for those with periods. The first episode will be previewed at a launch event on Friday the 26th of May at Worcester College. The event will be followed by a Q&A and drinks reception. All College members are invited to attend.

Drink Safe – A project that provides initial funding to make reusable anti-spiking drink covers available for College members. Women and gender minorities (WGM) are disproportionately targeted in cases of drink spiking, which threatens their health and safety and increases their risk of being targets of sexual assault. The project will increase awareness about drink spiking and personal safety on nights out. It is hoped that the products will be available for sale at a significantly reduced price to College members very soon.

Badge Your Support – A project that will purchase a badge maker for the College, so that bespoke badges can be made in support of any cause or occasion. Badges have long been used as a way to express support for a particular cause or identify someone with their passion. The project will allow staff and students to design and wear bespoke badges that can be used to help celebrate or raise awarness of events, occasions and causes that people care about. 

Sudan cultural event and fundraiser – A collaborative event and cultural celebration to raise awareness and funding in support of the people of Sudan. Organised by a Worcester student in collaboration with a number of University of Oxford networks and student groups, including the Arab Society, Asian-Pacific Society, Pakistan Society and the Afro-Caribbean Society, this event will showcase and celebrate the diversity of Worcester College, the university, and the local community. It is planned to sell food and drink at the event, which will contribute to fundraising efforts to support people whose lives have been disrupted by the recent conflict in Sudan.  

Diversity training workshop – A diversity training workshop led by the award-winning founder of the Like-Minded-Females Network, Sonya Barlow. LMF Network is a global careers and inclusion platform to build the confidence and careers of people through masterclasses, mentoring and meaningful connections whilst supporting organisations to become more diverse and inclusive. This tailored workshop for College members will likely be held at the end of June this year, and focus on professional skills, purpose, values, unconscious biases and self awareness. It is hoped it will provide insights into what kind of future workshops we might include as part of inductions or ongoing training opportunities for diversity and inclusion initiatives.  

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications to the EDI Fund. We look forward to launching these projects and furthering our ambitions to make Worcester a diverse and inclusive community that thrives with a positive, affirming and dignified academic, employment and social environment for all.

The EDI Fund will be opened for applications again next academic year. It can be used to support new, innovative, creative and impactful opportunities that promote equal opportunities and an inclusive culture at Worcester.