Community art celebrated in Southampton exhibition

18 October 2022
Painting hanging on a wall constructed of lots of individual square canvasses

Paintings by Worcester students and staff are currently on display at Southampton City Art Gallery as part of an exhibition celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.

Invisible Portraits is an exhibition by artist Lucy Ash featuring a series of abstract portraits which celebrate the diversity, bravery and forgotten figures of LGBTQ+ history. Earlier this year, several members of the Worcester community participated in an initiative organised by Lucy which is now on display in the exhibition. Presented with a small canvas, each participant was asked to paint a portrait of an LGBTQ+ person they found inspiring; the resulting portraits have been combined into two large artworks, each comprising 323 individual canvases. These artworks are designed to reinforce the message that LGBTQ+ progress is a collective effort, with the idea inspired by Lucy’s practice of painting a small section of a large artwork each day.

The exhibition is open at Southampton City Art Gallery until 14th January 2023.