Professor Wouter Mostert

Wouter Mostert
Associate Professor; Department of Engineering Science
College office: 
Edward and Catherine Wray Fellow and Tutor in Engineering

Wouter Mostert teaches mostly mechanics (statics and fluid dynamics) in the first and second years, and fourth-year offshore engineering

Research interests: 

He has interests in fluid mechanics, namely in air-sea interaction and flux of mass, momentum and energy primarily due to wave breaking, along with the associated dynamics of bubbles and droplets, which play a large role in these kinds of problems. He is further interested in the effects of ocean wave systems on sediment and pollutant transport, along with better understanding wave loadings on civil infrastructure. His current projects are in understanding energy, bubble and droplet statistics in plunging breakers; in wind-driven spume generation processes in ocean waves; in the dissipative properties of shallow-water breakers and coastal wave systems; and the combined effects of wind, waves and storm surge on coastal infrastructure.

Selected publications: 

W. Mostert; L. Deike (2020) Inertial energy dissipation in shallow-water breaking waves. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 890 (A12).

D.J. Ruth; W. Mostert; S. Perrard; L. Deike (2019) Bubble pinch-off in turbulence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116 (51).

W. Mostert; V. Wheatley; R. Samtaney; D.I. Pullin (2017) Effects of magnetic fields on magnetohydrodynamic cylindrical and spherical Richtmyer-Meshkov instability. Physics of Fluids, 27 (10).

A. Rivière; W. Mostert; S. Perrard; L. Deike (2021) Sub-Hinze scale bubble deformation in turbulent bubble break-up. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 917 (A40).

W. Mostert; D.I. Pullin; R. Samtaney; V. Wheatley (2018) Singularity formation on perturbed planar shock waves. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 846, pp.536-562.

S. Perrard; A. Rivière; W. Mostert; L. Deike (2021) Bubble deformation by a turbulent flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 920 (A15).

W. Mostert; D.I. Pullin; R. Samtaney; V. Wheatley (2017) Geometrical shock dynamics for magnetohydrodynamic fast shocks. 811 (R2).