Dr Rory Bowden BSc, MA Dip App Stats, PhD

Dr Rory Bowden
Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics (WHG)
College office: 
Supernumerary Fellow, Garden Master
Research interests: 

I am broadly interested in the application of genomics, especially high-throughput techniques and technologies such as next-generation DNA sequencing, to problems in medicine and biology. I have scientific involvements in fields as diverse as: Microbial and viral genomics, where modern sequencing techniques are helping us to understand the origins and behaviour of pathogenic organisms and to provide new one-stop diagnostic tests for (for example) drug resistance; Induced pluripotent stem cells - cells derived from mature donor tissue that can be ‘re-programmed’ into the precursors of any tissue type, with applications in precision medicine, drug discovery and the understanding of complex gene regulation circuits; and Single-cell genomics and biology – the latest frontier in understanding cellular heterogeneity and interactions by measuring genes and genomes directly in individual cells. My work is concerned with generally enabling Oxford researchers in their genomics research, and specifically in extending the reach of modern sequencing into tropical medicine.