Dr Michael Mayo AB, MA, MSc, DPhil

Faculty of English
College office: 
Director of the Visiting Student Programme

My research focuses on the work of modernist writers and their engagement with religion, psychoanalysis, and political action. My forthcoming book, The Well-Disposed Mind: James Joyce Between Loyola and Klein (Cambridge UP) traces the ways James Joyce used the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola to produce a certain kind of labour for his readers, a labour that engages the psychoanalytic transference to unravel our understanding of what ‘believing’ means when it comes to representation, language, and social relations. I lead tutorials in Anglophone literature from 1830 to the present day, and I have supervised many finalist disserations on subjects ranging from Working-Class Film in Scotland and Wales to Prison Literature of Northern Ireland to musical composers who use tweets as orchestral scores.

At the same time, I run the college's Visiting Student Programme. With my colleague in Politics, I organize a group for undergraduates, graduates, tutors, and staff on Marx's Capital: Volume One. I was the first person in my family to go to university, started a school for inner-city children back in my Boston neighbourhood, and am involved in a range of programmes to increase access to Oxford.