Professor Gabriel Stylianides BA, MA, MSc, PhD

Dr Gabriel Stylianides
Department of Education
College office: 
Professor of Education (Mathematics), Supernumerary Fellow
Research interests: 

Professor Stylianides' research focuses on issues related to the meaningful engagement of students of all levels of education (including university students) in fundamental mathematical practices – notably mathematical reasoning, proving, problem solving, and algebraic thinking.  In pursuing his primary research interests he also addressed issues related to task design and implementation, instructional intervention, curricular resources (including textbooks), technological environments (including intelligent tutoring systems), and methodology (including design experiments).

Selected publications: 

Stylianides, G. J. (2016). Curricular resources and classroom use: The case of mathematics. New York: Oxford University Press.

Stylianides, G. J., & Hino, K. (Eds.). (2018). Research advances in the mathematical education of pre-service elementary teachers – An international perspective. Springer International Publishing.

Stylianides, G. J., & Childs, A. (Eds.) (2018). Classroom-based interventions across subject areas: Research to understand what works in education. Routledge.

Arbaugh, F., Smith, P., Boyle, J., Stylianides G. J., & Steele, M. (2018). We reason and we prove for all mathematics: Building students’ critical thinking. Corwin, SAGE Publications.