Past events

19th March 2016

For those who matriculated in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Personal invitations have been mailed out.

12th March 2016

Our annual dinner for all Old Members who either read or practice Law. Personal invitations have been mailed out.

23rd February 2016

The Provost’s Seminar is an occasional series in which the intellectual life of the College is brought to the Lodgings. Typically, a Fellow, or sometimes a visitor, will talk about their research in a manner that is accessible and interesting to non-specialists (“language that a mere Provost can understand”).

5th February 2016

For all Old Members who read Engineering Science or EEM. Personal invitations have been mailed out.

18th January 2016

Dr James Goudkamp (Keble College, Oxford) and Professor Donal Nolan, Francis Reynolds and Clarendon Fellow and Tutor in Law at Worcester College, will be giving a joint lecture on ‘Contributory Negligence in Practice’ at the Inner Temple on Monday 18 January 2016, at 6.30pm.  The lecture is accredited for CPD.

To book your place, please click here.