How to vote in the Chancellor’s election

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08th July 2024

How to vote in the Chancellor’s election

Earlier this year, Chris Patten, Lord Patten of Barnes, announced that he will retire as Chancellor of the University at the end of the 2023-24 academic year. Oxford alumni, as members of Convocation, will be asked to elect a new Chancellor in Michaelmas Term 2024.

The Chancellor is the titular head of the University and presides over several key ceremonies. In addition to these formal duties, the Chancellor undertakes advocacy, advisory and fundraising work, acting as an ambassador for the University at a range of local, national, and international events.

To make this election accessible to our global community of more than 250,000 eligible colleagues and alumni, the Chancellor’s election will be held online. Oxford alumni from eligible courses will be eligible to vote in the election, provided that your degree has been conferred before 29 September 2024. Please note that those who have exclusively received a PGDip, PGCE, Diploma, Certificates or other non-conferrable award will not be eligible to vote in this election.

If you do not receive an email within the next week prompting you to register your interest to vote in the election, you can access the public form to register on the Chancellor’s Election webpage. If you have not yet had your degree conferred but would like to vote in the upcoming Chancellor’s election, please note the following:

  • Current degree students expecting to complete their studies before September 2024 must book onto a degree ceremony taking place no later than 29 September (provided results are released in time) to be eligible to vote.
  • Historic students who completed their studies on or before 31 December 2023, but who have not yet had their degree conferred will have the opportunity to graduate in absentia so that they may be eligible to vote in the Chancellor’s election.

An in absentia ceremony will be held on 20 September. If you would like to book this in absentia ceremony, please contact The last date to register for conferral in absentia will be 6 September.

Enquiries about the election may be directed to the appropriate email address below.

Chancellor’s Election 2024

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