Courses offered

We admit 3 students per year to study Psychology:

BA (Hons) Experimental Psychology
BA (Hons) Psychology & Philosophy
BA (Hons) Psychology & Linguistics


Paul Griffiths, BSc, PhD
Dr Charlotte Hemmings

Course overview

All courses offer considerable flexibility in the choice of subjects from psychology and from related disciplines but the psychological studies are in every case related to experimental psychology and not to clinical, philosophical or analytic psychology. Thus, for example, the Perception paper is concerned with how eyes and ears work, the Developmental Psychology paper with the development of perception and reasoning and language in children, and most papers with the underlying physiological mechanisms. Because of the biological orientation of the Department of Experimental Psychology all of the courses allow for specialization in cognitive and behavioural neuroscience, as well as important areas of overlap between psychology and philosophy, for example those that can be found in the study of language, its structure, development and use.


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