Courses offered

BA (Hons) Mathematical Sciences (3 years) MMath (Hons) Mathematics (4 years) BA (Hons) Mathematics & Philosophy (3 years) MMathPhil (Hons) Mathematics & Philosophy (4 years) BA (Hons) Mathematics & Computer Science (3 years) MMathCompSci (Hons) Mathematics & Computer Science (4 years) BA (Hons) Mathematics & Statistics (3 years) MMath (Hons) Mathematics & Statistics (4 years)


Robin Knight, MA, DPhil
Jonathan Utterson, BSc, MMath

Course overview

The College admits up to 15 undergraduates per year to read Mathematics and its associated joint degrees (listed above).  Whilst there is no fixed quota among these subjects, there are typically 7-8 Mathematics, 1-2 Mathematics & Statistics, 1-2 Mathematics & Philosophy and 2-3 Mathematics & Computer Science undergraduates each year.

With around 45-50 undergraduates in the college reading Mathematics or a joint degree, Worcester is one of the largest Mathematics colleges and one whose students perform strongly in Finals examinations. The emphasis is very much on support, rather than competition, and the different degree groupings are treated as a unit, both educationally and at the regular subject social events.

The College’s Maths tutors are strongly committed to the distinctiveness of an Oxford education and all teaching within the first two years (with the exception of revision classes) is conducted in tutorials of 1, 2 or 3 students by college tutors. Almost all branches of mathematics are taught within the College; as options become specialized in the third and fourth years, teaching is done in university classes, but again the College’s tutors are able to offer support, advice and revision in a broad range of these subjects.


Candidates applying for Mathematics and joint degrees will take the Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT), to be sat in schools and colleges around the start of November, ahead of interviews. (Full details are provided on the Mathematics Department’s website, Applicants are then shortlisted on the basis of this test, and information included on UCAS forms, and shortlisted applicants (approximately 50-60% of applicants) are invited to interview in Oxford in mid-December. A telephone or remote interview may be arranged for any overseas shortlisted applicant who is unable to travel to Oxford. Candidates interviewed in Oxford will have two half-hour interviews in the college, as well as at least one other interview at a second college. The first interview begins with questions distributed beforehand, a selection of which candidates will have been asked to attempt. The second interview is on previously unseen questions. Applicants in Mathematics and Philosophy will have a third interview in college with the Philosophy tutors. The standard conditional offers are: A-levels – A*A*A, with A*s in Mathematics, and Further Mathematics (if taken), for those whom A-level Further Mathematics is not available A*AA with A* in Mathematics; IB – an overall score of 39 with 7,6,6 at HL including 7 in HL Maths; Advanced Highers – AAB/AA with A in Mathematics. 

The Maths tutors encourage applicants to study whatever Mathematics is available to them at school or college including Further Mathematics, AEA and STEP papers, but recognise that many applicants do not have these opportunities. Such students may find the transition to university mathematics harder, perhaps for a term or so, but perform in examinations as well as any other group. There is a webpage on Bridging the Gap on the departmental website with much material to help with the transition to university.

Those interested in Mathematics and Computer Science should also view the entry for Computer Science.

Much more about the mathematical degrees, application and the MAT is available on the department website. There you will also find the departmental prospectus Studying Mathematics at Oxford which contains useful guidance on university mathematics and preparation for both admissions and the courses themselves. The College’s Maths tutors are happy to answer any enquiries you have about Mathematics and its joint degrees at Worcester College. Any relevant email sent to will be forwarded to them and dealt with as soon as possible.

Further advice on A-levels and equivalent qualifications for students interested in applying to Oxford is available here.

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