Courses offered

Up to 9 places a year are offered for History and joint courses involving History:

BA (Hons) History BA (Hons) History and Economics BA (Hons) History and Politics BA (Hons) Ancient and Modern History BA (Hons) History and Modern Languages


Alexandra Gajda, BA, MA, DPhil
Matthieu Pignot, BA, MA, MSt
Robin Whelan, BA, MSt, PhD

Course overview

A large part of tuition is provided by the tutors inside the College but undergraduates will have the opportunity of working with tutors in other colleges from their first year when they are working on their Optional Subjects, General History, and Further and Special Subjects, in the selection of which they are given the widest choice. The tutors normally organise a field trip for Historians in their second year as a part of the course. Grants are available for those wishing to travel abroad in the vacations and to attend language courses.


The History tutors welcome applications both before and after A-level. Applicants to read History need not have studied any particular period of history. We are seeking candidates who show an enthusiasm for their subject, who can analyse their material intelligently, argue cogently and clearly, and can write lucidly and succinctly. Although there is no language requirement, tutors are keen to encourage historians to acquire or maintain a good working knowledge of at least one modern or ancient language and every assistance will be given to those wishing to work up or improve their language abilities.

All candidates must take the History Aptitude Test, normally at their own schools/colleges. There is more information about this test on the Faculty website.

An on-line prospectus containing further information on the application procedure can be found on the web: www.history.ox.ac.uk

Further advice on A-levels and equivalent qualifications for students interested in applying to Oxford is available at www.ox.ac.uk/courses

For information about international qualifications please go to www.ox.ac.uk/intquals