Health and Welfare


We are committed to making Worcester a place where every member can thrive, whether they are a first-year navigating Michaelmas Term or a graduate student worried about tomorrow’s viva exam. We have a number of avenues of in-College support for students with any kind of problem, and we can also help students make contact with further sources of support in the wider University, if appropriate.

We encourage any student experiencing difficulties to seek confidential help, as soon as possible, from any of the people listed below (in no particular order) or from anyone in College they have a good rapport with.

We understand that University life presents particular, stressful challenges for students from backgrounds not usually represented at Worcester and Oxford. The College acknowledges that in our mostly white institution, the burdens of racism can be especially difficult to bear, and we encourage students struggling with those challenges to contact the Student Welfare Officer/Welfare Team. In addition, we have listed below a number of other categories along with supportive resources related to each.

Internal sources of support

College Advisors

Students are encouraged to speak to their assigned College Advisor (who has responsibility for their advisees' academic progress and welfare) in the first instance, particularly about any academic-related matters.

College Doctor

The College Doctor’s practice is situated on Beaumont Street, a couple of hundred yards from the main entrance. Students are expected to register with the surgery when they arrive in Oxford. 

College Nurse

The College Nurse, Joanna Bowd, is based on site in staircase 15.2, Pump Quad. You can book an appointment with Jo via the Teams booking system:
or you can contact Jo via email at

If you book a face-to-face appointment, please do not come to the Nurse’s office if you have Covid symptoms, but let the nurse know so you can rearrange.

Jo is available Mon & Tue: 13.00-17.00; Thur: 10.00-14.00; Wed & Fri: 08.00-12.00.

The Welfare Team

The Dean, Dr Paul Azzopardi, is responsible for the general welfare of all students, and is supported by the Assistant Dean, Dr Neva Kandzija, and Junior Deans, all of whom are graduate students and are Wardens of residential buildings. Students can contact any member of the Dean Team for help with any kind of issue or problem. Support can be provided in person or remotely via email, telephone, and Microsoft Teams. 

Student Welfare Officer

The Student Welfare Officer, Georgina Heywood, works alongside other welfare provision in the College and can offer support, advice and guidance related to wellbeing, disability and welfare issues. Georgie is also the Disability Coordinator for the College and can advise on the support available. Support can be provided in person or remotely via email, telephone, and Microsoft Teams. 

The MCR Welfare rep and Peer Supporter

The MCR has two elected Welfare Reps and also Peer Supporters who organise events and support for students and are on hand to advise anyone needing their help.

The Chaplain

The Chaplain, Rev Dr. Tess Kuin Lawton, is available for all members of the College to talk to, irrespective of religion.

Senior Tutor

The Senior Tutor, Prof Daniel Neyland, oversees the academic progress and general welfare of all students within the College. 

Academic Administrator

The Academic Administrator, Ms Phillipa Tarver, and her team are based in the Academic Office and are a good port of call for students with any  academic issues. Phillipa is also the Disability Lead for the College, who can advise on all aspects of disability support, including accommodation arrangements, library services, IT and study support.

Learning Support

We know welfare can sometime be related to academic pressure, so if you need help with things like academic writing, reading and notetaking and time management, do contact the Learning Development Officer. Further information can be found here: 

Other sources of support

Counselling support

The University’s Student Counselling Service is situated across the road from Worcester. The College Counsellor can offer appointments on site and can be contacted at

Further information on the University's student welfare support services can be found here.

Disability Support

The University’s Disability Advisory Service is situated across the road from Worcester, offering a wealth of support and guidance for disabled students, including guidance on the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). There is a University Common Framework for Supporting Disabled Students, which can be found here, and an Access Guide, available here.

The College's Disability Coordinator, Georgie Heywood, (with the Academic Administrator, Phillipa Tarver, acting as Disability Lead) can advise on all aspects of disability support, including accommodation arrangements, library services, IT and study support.

LGBTQ+ student support

The College and wider University are inclusive environments, and support is available for LGBTQ+ students. More information can be found here and here, and by contacting the MCR Equal Opportunities rep.

Oxford University LGBTQ+ Society

Peer Support Programme and Rainbow Peers

Oxford Student Union 

The Oxford Student Union Student Advice Service is the only independent advice, information and advocacy service exclusively available to Oxford University students. The service is free and confidential, and they have a team of friendly advisers to help find solutions to any problems you might face, including: academic concerns, accommodation, health, disability, relationships, visas, and mental health. 

The Service is open Monday-Friday 8-6 term time and they can be emailed on There are also drop in sessions three times a week (Monday 10-12; Wednesday 12-2; Friday 2-4).

For further information click on

Oxford University Coffee Ambassadors 

OU Coffee Ambassadors are an initiative by students, for students and junior researchers. They are officially trained peer supporters and they offer free coffee chats and welfare support with fellow students in local Oxford café's - so you can get a break from the library by grabbing company, coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate) and confidential conversation. These are currently being held virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions. More information & booking is available here:


Nightline is a confidential listening, support and information service run by and for students.

Further information on University provision can be found here:


Worcester College and the wider University are committed to working towards an institution that is representative, inclusive, fair and welcoming to all of our students. More information, support and resources can be found here:

Anti-Racism: Towards a more Inclusive Worcester
University Counselling Service and BME Counsellors
The Oxford Anti-Racism Platform
Peer Support Programme and Peers of Colour
A reading list of Black Lives Matter and anti-racist online resources

Sexual Violence

Oxford First Response is an app designed to guide anyone helping someone who has experienced sexual violence; you can find details here and a distilled version of the app and associated training is available on the menu on the right.

The University has a page dedicated to sexual violence response and prevention and has dedicated support services to support survivors who have been affected by sexual harassment or violence: 

Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service
Oxford against sexual violence


Information, support and advice for students who feel they have been harassed or bullied can be found here:

Harassment advice
Harassment and conflict advice for students
Responsible bystander information

First Generation

Support and advice for students who are the first in their family to go to university can be found here: 

Class Act Oxford SU
Oxford first-generation students

Religion and Belief

Information about provision for students of different religious backgrounds can be found here:

University of Oxford Equality and Diversity Unit