2024 Massada Annual Lecture

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Thursday 30th May 2024

17:15 - 19:00

Worcester College

2024 Massada Annual Lecture

Dilemmas of Journalism: Media in Times of War

Dr Ilana Dayan (J.S.D. Yale Law School) is an esteemed journalist; creator and anchor of the award-winning programme Uvda (‘fact’ in Hebrew), Israel’s leading investigative current affairs TV programme; and lecturer on freedom of speech law at Tel Aviv University. She will deliver the 2024 Massada Annual Lecture at Worcester College, University of Oxford. The talk will be followed by a drinks reception for all attendees.


Note about the speaker

Dr Ilana Dayan will be speaking about her own first-hand experience of over 40 years of investigative journalism, focusing on aspects of her role as anchor, co-investigator and co-editor of the leading Israeli current affairs TV programme ‘Uvda’ (meaning ‘fact’ in Hebrew), famous for its unflinching commitment to reporting truths, even when unpopular or controversial. Dr Dayan will offer her analysis of the crucial role played by Israeli journalism in the shaping of public discourse at this time of extreme difficulty, particularly as an exemplar of fully autonomous and unrestricted free press. She will also be sharing examples from the 20 Uvda programmes aired since October 7th 2023: the day Hamas launched the attack which began the current war.


Note from the Provost

The 2024 Massada Annual Lecture will take place in accordance with the framework developed by a number of Oxford colleges, including Worcester College, to promote free speech at Oxford. Details of this framework and ‘tips’ for productive discussion of difficult topics are to be found at: www.worc.ox.ac.uk/fos. By attending this event, attendees agree to adhere to these guidelines and the terms and conditions of the event which uphold Worcester College’s commitment to freedom of speech: www.worc.ox.ac.uk/fos/2024-massada-annual-lecture.



Free registration is open to Worcester College members and current members of the University of Oxford between Thursday 16 May and Tuesday 28 May at 5pm. Please note that a University Bod Card or other form of photo ID will be requested on the door.

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