Support for Visiting Students

We understand that study abroad can involve stress and other personal difficulties, and we are ready to assist visiting students whenever any issues arise. 

The Programme Director, Dr Michael Mayo, serves as Director of Studies and advisor for all visiting students. He works with each student individually to design a suitable academic programme. He also runs orientations for newly arrived students, organizes with the Social Officers an ongoing series of cultural and social events, and is available throughout the term to help with any and all matters. 

Worcester's JCR Welfare Reps and the College Welfare Committee look after the well-being of all students at the College, including visiting students. The team responsible for student welfare includes the Dean; Assistant Dean; Head of Welfare; Junior Deans; the College Nurse; the Chaplain. Should students fall ill, the College Doctor at 27 Northgate, and the College Nurse is available daily for consultations. 

The Academic Administrator, Ms Phillipa Tarver, and her team are responsible for the academic side of College administration. If students have any queries relating to course administration or any other aspects of College life during their time at Worcester, the Academic Office is a good first port of call.

Students with disabilities receive full support in College. The College will make every effort to accommodate any disclosed disabilities. The university's Disability Advisory Service can be reached at