Courses offered

BM BCh with Honours BA: 6 students per year.


Dr Maria Tsakok (Director of clinical medicine)
Dr Robert Watson (Director of graduate entry medicine)
Dr Joe Taylor (preclinical)
Dr Scott Fernquest (preclinical)
Dr Shaheel Bhuva (preclinical)
Mr Rob Middleton (preclinical)
Prof Brian Angus (clinical)
Prof Andrew Protheroe (clinical)
Dr Victoria St Noble (clinical)
Miss Marta Penna (clinical)
Mr Richard Guy (clinical)

Course overview

The medical course comprises two components, the first concerned with basic understanding of physiological sciences necessary for later clinical work, and the second with more advanced study of optional subjects allowing a more critical approach to published scientific work. These components and their integration are kept under continuous review to ensure that the content of the course keeps pace with advances in medical research and is consistent with the advice of the General Medical Council. In particular, the initial part of the course leading to the qualification of 1st BM has been designed to concentrate on what are considered to be core principles of physiological sciences, pruning away excessive detail. Nevertheless, the course remains intellectually challenging, and work in tutorials is designed to help the student understand and assimilate the required material. The more advanced study which forms the Final Honours School component of the course leading to the BA degree is comparable to that carried out for an intercalated BSc at other medical schools; since at Oxford all students are expected to take this part of the course, we are keen to select pupils who have the interest and enthusiasm to undertake such work in the subjects they choose. Tutorials in this part of the course are given by experts in the chosen fields of study, and undergraduates have the opportunity to work with appropriate tutors at other colleges.

There is a strict quota for candidates admitted to this course in line with General Medical Council guidelines, and the places are shared approximately equally among colleges. The number accepted at Worcester is six per year.

After completing the 3-year BA in Medical Sciences, the graduate makes a separate application either to the Oxford Clinical School, in which case he or she may remain at Worcester, or to another clinical school, such as those at London or Cambridge.

The College has lecturers in Human Anatomy, Neuroscience and Pathology who help with the teaching for 1st BM.


Further information on the course, including details of entrance requirements are given in the University Undergraduate Prospectus and in a booklet entitled Oxford Medical School available from Pre-clinical Medicine Admissions, Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PL. Extensive information is also given on-line at

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