Undergraduate Accommodation

Accommodation Information for 2022/23

There are six grades of room and the grade is based on a number of criteria, including age, size and appointment of the room. Nightly rates do not include charges for utilities and food – please see the table below. Rents are payable termly in advance via battels (college accounts) and meals are paid on a pre-paid card as taken.

Length of undergraduate accommodation contract (in nights):

  • 1st year: 184
  • 2nd year: 186 
  • 3rd year: 193
  • 4th year: 238

The College can offer accommodation to all undergraduates for three years of their degree. All our accommodation is on the main College site or not more than 300 metres from the perimeter. Many rooms are en-suite with access to well-equipped shared kitchen/diners. Rooms range from those in 15th-century buildings to those built in the 20th century, and rents reflect differences in size and grade. All undergraduate student rooms have internet connections. All accommodation is non-smoking.

The College manages all accommodation accordance with the Universities UK Code of Practice.

The College is located on a multi-level site. We are committed to making arrangements to enable students with disabilities to participate as fully as possible in student life, and applicants are advised to contact the Admissions and Access Officer (Jaya Rana at to arrange a visit and to discuss arrangements.

All first-year students are required to live in College. Thereafter undergraduates may live out if desired, but second-year students must apply to the Dean for permission. No such permission is required in later years.

Rent charges 2022/23:

Grade Daily Rate Per Annum (187 nights) - 1st Years Per Annum (189 nights) - 2nd Years Per Annum (193 nights) - 3rd Years Number of rooms
G1. £14.45 £2702.15 £2731.05 £2788.85 17
G2. £16.74 £3130.38 £3163.86 £3230.82 27
G3. £21.22 £3968.14 £4010.58 £4095.46 68
G4. £22.08 £4128.96 £4173.12 £4261.44 21
G5. £25.04 £4682.48 £4732.56 £4832.72 43
G6. £26.06 £4873.22 £4925.34 £5029.58 211

For more information, please see the Summary of Accommodation. You may also want to check the college map for the location of each accommodation building. Students will also be liable for a utilities charge of approximately £2.34 per night. These charges increase every year in line with inflation.

On arrival at the College, students will receive a statement of the charge for their particular room, and other charges in detail. The College allocates accommodation to freshers based on their preferences for grades 1-3 or 4-6. Before the end of the first year, a room draw takes place. A room draw is a housing lottery where each student receives a random, computer-generated lottery number. The number determines the order in which students select their room in turn from any of those still available. The goal of the room draw process is to assign every student a room in a fair manner and the process is managed by the Accommodation Office in conjunction with the JCR Housing Rep and JCR President, with support from the Dean, the Senior Tutor and the Welfare Officer. Before the end of your second year, the order for room selection is reversed and another room draw takes place for your third-year accommodation. 

The College reserves the right to move students from one room to another on-site during the year, if necessary. Such occasions are likely to be very rare but might, for example, be in order to undertake urgent maintenance or to release a particular room in order to meet a student’s special accommodation requirements.