The University's website at provides up to date information about fees for undergraduate study as well as information about financial support available for students. 

Oxford Bursaries

Oxford bursaries are non-repayable support provided by the collegiate university to help with living costs and to enable students from lower income households to make the most of the many opportunities Oxford has to offer.

Further information about Oxford bursaries can be found on the University website at


Outstanding academic achievement and exceptional work will be recognised by the award of a College Scholarship (£200 p.a.) or Exhibition (£120 p.a.). Following an agreement among colleges, these awards are not offered to first-year students. The majority of awards are made at the beginning of the second year and may be renewed annually thereafter, depending on the student's progress.


College prizes are awarded to students who achieve First Class or Distinction in University examinations. Prizes are also awarded for good work in College exams, for academic progress, and for outstanding practical work.

Book Allowance

Worcester undergraduates may apply for a book allowance of £100, spread over the length of their course. This allowance is intended for those whose financial circumstances are such that they cannot easily afford books which are necessary for their academic work.

Vacation Study Grants

Students who need to be in Oxford during the vacation to do academic work which could not easily be done at home may apply for a Vacation Study Grant. Details may be sought by emailing

Travel Grants

Grants are available for vacation travel and academic work outside Oxford. Compulsory field courses are covered separately and do not count as Travel Grants. Details may be sought by emailing

Financial Hardship

The College is concerned that students' academic work should not be adversely affected by financial hardship. Apart from the normal student loan (available to UK students), there are two main sources of funding available to students affected by unforeseen financial difficulties:

Grants from the Access to Learning Fund (government money, providing a supplementary source of financial assistance for publicly funded students suffering financial hardship).

College and University hardship funds (these are aimed primarily at those who are in financial hardship, but who are not eligible for a grant from the Access to Learning Fund. Help may be given either as a grant or a loan, or both). The College has some resources for this purpose arising from certain bequests in the past.

Current students can refer to this page for further information.

Funding for International Students

A limited number of awards are available for overseas students who obtain a place for undergraduate study. Further information may be found on the International Office webpage.

Equal Access to Learning Fund

With the generous support of the Dorset Trust, the College has recently established a fund for material access to learning. This includes the purchase of items such as laptops and books and for tuition and technological support while away from College. All students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as offer-holders, can apply for the fund on a means-tested basis.

Details may be sought by emailing the Learning Development Officer.