Worcester has excellent library facilities. The main library, which is open 24-hours a day during term time, has 65,000 volumes, and individual reading cubicles. There is a separate Law Library and a magnificent Old Library which houses collections of European importance. The libraries are well funded for the purchase of new books. Further information can be found on the Library pages.


A computer room for undergraduates contains PCs connected to a Windows 2008 server with X-Windows access to UNIX systems running in University departments. Network printing facilities are provided. All student rooms have internet connections. 


Worcester is the only College to have its sports facilities on the main college site. The playing fields are used for a wide range of sports including football, rugby, hockey, and cricket. The College also has tennis courts and a multi-gym. There is an active Boat Club, with a boat house on the Thames. In all sports there are men's and women's teams of varying standards, enabling any student to take part, if they wish.

For further information on Sport, please see Student Activities.



Worcester has a well-deserved reputation for excellent food and many of our students eat in college, because food prices are low. Meals are paid for as taken. Breakfast and lunch are self-service. Dinner in the evening is either self-service ('informal hall') or, on two evenings each week, a served meal ('formal hall'). As a guide in 2020/21, you can expect meal costs to be in the region of:

Breakfast: individual price per item (e.g. hot sausage and egg bun is £1.30)
Lunch: £3.88
Dinner: £4.45

The College is happy to cater for vegetarians, vegans and those with other dietary requirements.

Bars and Common Room

The Cellar Bar is open each evening during term time and is a great place to meet and socialise.

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the representative body to which all our students belong. It elects its officers, provides a forum for student opinion, gives welfare information, helps with schools liaison, and organises social events. The JCR is also a large common room for use by undergraduate students, with TV, magazines and newspapers.