Frequently Asked Questions

Can I express a room preference?

Before they arrive, students may write to the Accommodation Office to express a room preference if they have any special requests (e.g. because of an illness or disability). These will be taken into consideration when room allocations are made. All other rooms for first years are allocated by the College. Undergraduates in other years have the opportunity to “ballot” for preferred rooms, often as part of a group.

What furniture will my room contain?

Every bedroom has a bed, a desk, a desk chair, an “easy” chair, wardrobe provision, and a desk lamp. Certain rooms may also contain extra pieces of furniture, such as a cabinet, chest of drawers, shelving unit, small refrigerator etc. All student rooms have broadband internet access.

Will I need to provide my own bedding?

Yes, students will need to provide their own duvets, pillows, duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases and towels. You may bring your own items with you or purchase them from local shops when you arrive in Oxford. Alternatively, bedding can be purchased online at and sent to the College in advance of your arrival. Should you choose to order from UniKitOut, please use the code WORCOX17 at check out to receive a 10% discount (UniKitOut will contribute a further 10% of all Worcester purchases to the College). Ensure your name and status (Undergraduate) are clearly given when ordering. The delivery address is Worcester College, Walton Street, Oxford, OX1 2HB.

Can I store my possessions over the vacation?

We have a limited amount of storage space, and students are asked to take as much as possible home with them. Priority for storage is given to those from overseas or who live a long way from Oxford.

I will be in Oxford during the summer vacation, can I find out my room allocation and see my room for the coming year?

New students will be provided with details of their room allocation on arrival at the College in October. During the vacation, college accommodation is used for conferences and summer schools and is therefore not available for viewing. You may find the information below helpful.

Can I bring a car with me?

The college has no parking facilities for undergraduates.  Disabled parking for up to two students is available.

If I live in a room with no kitchen facilities, what will I do for meals?

Because of fire regulations, students are not allowed to have kettles, toasters, sandwich makers, slow cookers, hot plates or grills in their rooms. However, the College serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day during term, and meal prices are inexpensive (see Facilities).

Can I move in before the start of term?

Oxford terms start on a Thursday. New first-year students arrive in the autumn term on the preceding Tuesday, but can sometimes be accommodated slightly earlier under particular circumstances (e.g. to enable overseas students to attend the Orientation programmes). Returning students may normally move back into College on the Sunday preceding the start of term. Accommodation provided outside of term time may not necessarily be in the student's own room. Priority for pre-term accommodation is given to overseas students.

Can I stay after the end of term?

Demand for college accommodation after the end of term is extremely high, with rooms often having to be cleaned within two or three hours of a student's departure before being re-used by conference guests, admissions candidates etc. As such, all students must vacate their rooms by 10.00 am on the last Saturday of term. A small number of students can be accommodated after this date, but rooms will not normally be on the main college site. Permission to stay beyond the end of term must be sought by the end of the sixth week of term.  The availability of such accommodation is particularly restricted at the end of Michaelmas Term (autumn term) when rooms are required for admissions purposes.

Can my parents stay the night after helping me move in?

Although college has a small number of guest rooms, these tend to get booked up very quickly for the days around the start of term. We would advise any student who needs accommodation for their parents to contact local hotels and B&Bs.

How do I pay for my accommodation?

You will be charged up front at the start of each term. The charge will cover rent, utilities, insurance and telephone, but not the cost of meals taken in College. It is a good idea to budget carefully to allow for this.