Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

Please note that the University has an extensive FAQ section here.

I'm thinking of taking a Gap Year - how would this be viewed?

Worcester tutors are generally willing to consider applications for deferred entry, but when making deferred offers need to be confident that they are not jeopardising the chances of those who will apply the following year.

Subject tutors will normally expect candidates taking a gap year to have planned to use the year constructively (e.g. working in a field related to their subject interest, teaching/travelling overseas, taking part in organised expeditions, voluntary work etc). Some science subjects in particular would be looking for evidence that the gap year has some strong scientific or mathematical content.

For many, a gap year proves to be interesting and useful and students can do better at university for having had this break. For others, such a break can be disadvantageous because their academic work and study skills suffer. If you are thinking of taking a gap year, take advice from teachers and those who know you best and consider how you will maintain your academic momentum during the year.

Candidates for Law with Law Studies in Europe (course 2) should note that because entry is so competitive, there are usually only two places available for deferred entry for the whole University (one for France, one for Germany). These places are allocated by the Faculty of Law, and not by any individual college. None the less, if someone applies for deferred entry on course 2, and is not given a place, they will be considered for a deferred entry place on course 1, the standard Law course, and it is the College alone that makes that decision.

History of Art and Fine Art do not accept deferred entry applicants.

All applicants, including those on gap years and applying post-A-level, are expected to be available for interview in December.

What grades are required?

Conditional offers for students studying A-levels range between AAA and A*A*A depending on the subject. More information about what grades are required for each course can be found on the University's website.

General guidance on other qualifications can be found on the University's website.

Please write to us or email if you have any queries about typical grades required for international qualifications.

Can you have a look at my CV and tell me whether I would be likely to be offered a place?

We are not able to do this. Places are offered on a competitive basis, so it is impossible to give any indication of the likely success of an application. All applications are considered on their academic merits, and examination grades form only one part of a tutor's assessment. Tutors will also take into account the school/college reference, UCAS personal statement, written work submissions (where appropriate), performance in the written test (if applicable), and at interview (if shortlisted). Commitment to and motivation for the subject area are also evaluated. The majority of our applicants have strong GCSE grades (or equivalent) and are predicted to achieve at least the specified academic conditions for the relevant subject.

I'm going to be away during the official interview period - can I be interviewed at another time?

This is not usually possible. For reasons of comparability, tutors need to see candidates for each subject over the same period of time. Shortlisted candidates are also sometimes called for interview at other colleges and therefore need to be available during the interview period. The interview timetable is published on the University website well in advance and applicants are asked to keep the dates for their subject free of other commitments so that they are available if shortlisted.

Exceptions can usually only be made in cases such as illness or bereavement.

How does Worcester view "non-traditional" A-level subjects?

This really depends on the combination of subjects being studied at A2. Oxford's courses are highly academic, and therefore require a strong academic underpinning. The style of learning and working in certain subjects is so different from the academic and theoretical style of Oxford degrees that not all provide the necessary reinforcement for the way in which subjects are taught.

Information on course and entrance requirements can be found on the University website.

I'm a mature student - would Worcester consider my application?

Yes. Worcester is very happy to consider applications from mature students. Tutors generally expect candidates to have had recent experience of academic study.

Please also see the Information for Mature Students on the University's website.