Legacies and Wills

Worcester was founded in 1714 as a result of a legacy of £10,000 made by Sir Thomas Cookes. Since then the College has benefited from the foresight of those individuals who have made provision in their Wills.

Through the ages students have gone out from Worcester to enjoy fulfilling lives and to contribute in many fields, taking with them memories of the challenge, the companionship and the joy of their College days.

The need is to strengthen endowment to ensure that succeeding generations enjoy these same benefits and that we continue to flourish.

If you are able to assist in strengthening the College's endowment we suggest you do this by supporting:

  • Academic Posts and Research
  • The Historic Fabric
  • The Gardens and Grounds
  • Student Bursaries, Facilities and Activities

Including Worcester in Your Will

A legacy to Worcester should refer to the College by its full official title. The correct wording if you decide to make a bequest is:

I give to the Provost, Fellows, and Scholars of Worcester College in the University of Oxford, commonly called Worcester College, Oxford, ...

You might like to know that if your estate is worth over £325,000 when you die Inheritance Tax may be due. From 6th April 2012, if you leave 10 per cent of your estate to charity the tax due may be paid at a reduced rate of 36% instead of 40%. For further information on Inheritance Tax please visit the HM Revenue and Customs website. We also strongly advise that you take legal advice when drawing up your will.

We will be formally launching the College's new Legacy Society later in 2023, but in the meantime, if you wish to discuss your bequest please email development@worc.ox.ac.uk and we will be delighted to get back to you.