Telethon 2023

Our annual Telethon forms an important foundation in the College’s fundraising calendar, and provides you with an opportunity to support today’s Worcester students - just as the students of yesterday helped to support you. We have a wonderful, enthusiastic team in place who are really looking forward to connecting with our global community of Old Members – you can meet some of them below!

The main goal of our Telethon is to seek much-needed financial support to allow us to continue to improve College experience for students whilst they are at Worcester. Another purpose of the Telethon is to allow our student callers to engage with members of our alumni community so that you can hear first-hand what it is like to be a student today.

Over two weeks from March 13th to 27th, our calling team will make hundreds of calls to Old Members. If you do receive a call from one of enthusiastic students, we hope you will spare a few minutes to chat to them, and, if your circumstances allow, please consider making a gift to support Worcester.

To make a gift online today please visit

For more information, please contact Rob Moss, Regular Giving Officer E: T: +44 (0)1865 288321.

Meet the Team!

Scroll down to find out more about this year's callers.

Aine (pr Awn-ya), History (1st year)

  • Home town: Leeds
  • Interests: Outside of my studies I am involved in a lot of college sport. I’m on the rowing team and am currently attempting to learn how to play rugby. If I can find the time I enjoy reading (but I’m probably just as likely to be found in the college bar!)
  • In the future: I’m not 100% sure yet but I think I may be leaning towards a career in law in the future.
  • Loves Worcester for: I think everyone at Worcester will agree that it’s the best college! Everyone here is so lovely and have allowed me to really come out of my shell. I love how Worcester tries to accommodate for everyone, whether that is in your studies or socialising.
  • Worcester in three words: Beautiful, Friendly, Accommodating.

Aliyah (she/her), English Language and Literature (2nd year)

  • Home town: Birmingham
  • Interests: I enjoy writing, reading and performing poetry, as well as talking about it in any context! I also love going on walks and runs, listening to music, and spending time in nature.
  • In the future: I would love to undertake a masters to further explore a subject I love, hopefully linguistics or creative writing. More long-term, it would be amazing to be able to write some more of my own works, and maybe teach in some capacity. Whatever I choose to do, I hope it will involve working with people and words!
  • Loves Worcester for: The community is as expansive and lovely as the college’s gorgeous grounds, and we are very lucky to have both! Going for a walk around the grounds is one of my favourite ways to spend my time, and a great way to clear your mind during a busy term here.
  • Worcester in three words: Warm, beautiful, and open.

Arthur, French and Spanish (2nd year)

  • Home town: Bath
  • Interests: In addition to my degree, I enjoy spending time playing board games with my flatmates and coxing for WCBC (Worcester College Boat Club) as well as going for bike rides with the university cycling club. I'm also partial to just sitting a reading a less than intellectual book.
  • In the future: I'm looking forward to what my year abroad can bring to the table with regard to deciding what sort of career path to follow. I'm looking forward to teaching in Argentina and I'm interested to see what sort of business internship I can find in a French speaking country. Perhaps something to do with marketing but I'm also open to trying other types of roles that may be found in a corporation.
  • Loves Worcester for: The incredible sense of community created by the people which makes the difficult moments of university life seem more bearable (the gardens also help with that).
  • Worcester in three words: Colourful, diverse, fun.

Daniel (he/him), Geography (2nd year)

  • Hometown: Abu Dhabi
  • Interests: I keep myself busy during term, being the Vice Captain of Men’s Rowing at Worcester really rewarding however and seeing all our crews perform in Torpids has been hugely satisfying. I also work as a Peer Supporter, and while the training was a substantial commitment last year, hopefully they’ll be skills for life. Other than that, I spend a concerning amount of my free time watching television and cooking with my friends.
  • In the future: While I’m never quite sure what the future holds (and wasn’t even going to go to university), I’m currently in the process of applying to internships in the general Sustainability Consulting field, it’s a topic that really interests me and trying to make that small change for the better is important to me. In terms of where I’ll be, well that’s anyone’s guess.
  • Loves Worcester for: Worcester is an amazing place for so many reasons, first the grounds and green spaces we have are not only gorgeous, but they really make living an active lifestyle super easy. I was never very sporty before I came here but from the onsite sports fields and tennis courts, I have fallen a bit into sports I have to say. The culture here is also just amazing, it’s wonderful to see such a diverse array of people come together, not only to learn, but to share their lived experiences and cultures.
  • Worcester in three words: Idyllic, Inspiring, Life-Changing.

Emma, Economics & Management (1st year)

  • Home town: Chester
  • Interests: Rowing, reading and anything related to econ or finance.
  • In the future: I'm not sure yet - maybe economic consultancy?
  • Loves Worcester for: The gardens and the architecture, plus the sense of community.
  • Worcester in three words: Friendly, welcoming, beautiful.

George, Economics & Management (3rd year)

  • Home town: High Wycombe
  • Interests: Outside of work, I'd describe myself as an all-round amateur enthusiast. I play hockey for the university, am on the committee of Oxford sustainable business and entrepreneurship society (OSBE), and am a massive fan of "In Our Time".
  • In the future: So long as the degree goes to plan, I'll be working in London for a management consultancy come September and imagine that I'll absolutely love working there. Longer term, my current plan is to become a teacher but whether that plan actually materialises is anyone's guess!
  • Loves Worcester for: I have absolutely loved my time at Worcester and can't imagine being at any other college. The grounds are gorgeous, the staff are friendly and, most importantly, the food you get in hall offers fantastic value for money!
  • Worcester in three words: grateful, rewarding and unforgettable go a long way in describing just how fundamental I feel my time at Worcester has been.

Huw, Classics (4th year)

  • Home town: Newark
  • Interests: Sport (tennis, hockey), guitar, travelling and hiking.
  • In the future: Still looking at a range of different careers options (advertising/copywriting, communications, civil service etc), but probably a summer internship or equivalent and then some travelling for a bit after graduating!
  • Loves Worcester for: Tennis courts!
  • Worcester in three words: Welcoming, relaxed, inspiring.

Izzy, English Language and Literature (2nd year)

  • Home town: Southampton
  • Interests: I love being outdoors, cycling, hiking, and going anywhere scenic. Oxford is also a great place to see plays or listen to live music when I'm not studying.
  • In the future: A job where I can keep learning, growing, and giving back all at the same time.
  • Loves Worcester for: The amazing learning that takes place, the friendly community, and the beautiful, historical surroundings.
  • Worcester in three words: Homely, green, fun.

Josiane (she/her), Migration Studies (1st year DPhil, SJLP Rhodes Scholar)

  • Home town: Lebanon
  • Interests: I usually spend my leisure time either reading books or working out at the gym. I enjoy both activities since they give me some personal space away from the stress of academic life and help me focus on my mental and physical well-being. I also really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes during my free time.
  • In the future: After completing my PhD, I would love to work in academia and share knowledge about the importance of migration in our daily lives. I love teaching and I believe it is a great opportunity to inspire younger generations to make a difference in the world through the power of knowledge and research. I also hope to work in consultancy positions that support migration policy-makers so that they can implement better policy choices and improve the lives of migrants specifically refugees in precarious conditions.  
  • Loves Worcester for: Worcester does not only provide an academic space but a sense of community and belonging to a bigger family. Being a Worcester student gave me the opportunity to enjoy the best out of Oxford, the beauty of nature through its gardens and lake, the authentic architecture, the vibrant academic life and the needed financial and psychological support.
  • Worcester in three words: Home from home.

Lucy, History & Economics (2nd year)

  • Home town: Chichester
  • Interests: Rowing, coffee shops, calligraphy and 19th century women’s economic history.
  • In the future: I am still exploring different options, but I will be working in finance this summer, and I would love to travel and work for the civil service in some capacity.
  • Loves Worcester for: The people, the lake walks and Sunday brunch after rowing.
  • Worcester in three words: Team, history, warm.

Priya (she/her), History & Politics (3rd year)

  • Home town: Lincoln
  • Interests: I am a proud member of the Worcester College Boat Club and spent a lot of my time rowing. I also love wild swimming, and love a morning swim at the weekend.
  • In the future: After graduating I am going to London for a law conversion course before starting my training contract to qualify as a solicitor.
  • Loves Worcester for: The grounds! I love walking past the lake and being able to go out onto the grounds in good weather.
  • Worcester in three words: Welcoming. Pretty. Wholesome.

Rory (he/him), Engineering Science (3rd year)

  • Home town: London
  • Interests: I am an active person. I love cycling, rock climbing and playing basketball. I am the captain of the Worcester basketball team. I enjoy listening to music as well as playing guitar and singing. I also like going to the pub with my mates, playing darts or playing chess.
  • In the future: I would love to work in a field of engineering that is cutting edge and making a difference, such as working on rockets or with quantum computers. I also want to be flexible in what I do so I am preparing myself to have transferable skills in case I end up in a different profession than to what I intend. This could be anything from project management to finance to data science.
  • Loves Worcester for: The incredible facilities here are one of my favourite parts. I enjoy taking relaxing walks around the gardens and lake, or using the basketball and tennis courts, as well playing cricket or football on the sports field. I also love the food here and getting a good lunch and dinner conveniently with my friends is a nice, subtle aspect to life at Worcester.
  • Worcester in three words: Beautiful, Historic, Helpful.

Skye (he/him), Music (2nd year)

  • Home town: Basingstoke
  • Interests: Besides performing and listening to music, I'm also very involved in the queer scene at Oxford. I'm Worcester's current JCR Trans Rep, I just finished my term as the OULGBTQ+ Society's Trans Rep, and I've just been accepted as Trans Officer for the OUSU LGBTQ+ Campaign, so I like getting involved with the community. I also enjoy sketching/digital art/painting from time to time.
  • In the future: I'm still not certain what I'll end up doing, I'm considering coming back for a postgrad, most likely for either research into transmasculine singing voices, or composition/recording and producing.
  • Loves Worcester for: The support you get from both the staff and students, there's always someone around to look out for you and to help you achieve your best.
  • Worcester in three words: Warm, welcoming, accepting.