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Support College

Worcester has a long tradition of philanthropic support dating back to its founding in 1714, and the support of alumni and friends is needed just as much today as it was 300 years ago. 

Gifts of all sizes make a difference, and on average donations from alumni make up 25% of our annual income.


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* If you’re making your gift online, please forward your gift confirmation email to and let us know which fund you wish to support - otherwise we will allocate it to the Worcester Fund as an unrestricted gift.


The Worcester Fund: unrestricted

The Worcester Fund supports projects that enhance the experience of our students, academics, and staff. Every gift to the Fund makes a difference to our students today and is a valuable part of a great tradition of philanthropy at Worcester which stretches back centuries.

Unrestricted donations to the Worcester Fund give the College the most flexibility to respond appropriately to the areas of greatest need.


Access and Outreach

We are committed to supporting students from all backgrounds to make successful applications to the University of Oxford. Donations to this fund contribute towards the costs of our regional outreach programme, Opens Days at the college and all other outreach activities.


Buildings, Gardens and Grounds

The beautiful buildings and gardens at Worcester are part of what make it such a special place to live and study, but maintaining these historic buildings is a significant financial investment every year.


Bursaries and Scholarships

Bursaries and financial aid are an essential support for undergraduates who are experiencing financial hardship. Graduate scholarships are an increasingly urgent priority due to the scarce funding available from other sources .


Chapel & Choir

The Chapel is a place for wellbeing and welfare support for everyone in the college community, whether they hold a religious belief, none at all, and everything in between. There are two Choirs at Worcester, three organ scholars, and Choral Awards are available to members of the college. Donations to this fund contribute to the costs of running the Chapel and Choir.


Library and Book Bursaries

Donations to the Library contribute towards our costs of keeping the Library well-stocked with books and staffed by informative and supportive staff. Book bursaries of up to £100 are available to undergraduate students whose financial circumstances make it difficult for them to afford books that are necessary for their academic work.  


Student Welfare

There is a wide range of welfare support available in college, for students with any kind of problem. This fund makes sure we have the funds available to continue to provide this level of pastoral support.


Travel grants

Undergraduate grants are available to support travel outside Oxford for academic-related activities outside of term-time; there are also grants to assist graduate students with academic expenses incurred as part of their programme of study.



The Worcester College Boat Club (WCBC) is committed to making rowing accessible for novices who have never been on the river before, while also competing at the most competitive level in races. There are three separate funds for WCBC’s boats and equipment, general running costs, and a fund for the long overdue refurbishment of the boat house.

Boat Club - General - supports the everyday running costs of the Boat Club, including entry costs to regattas, travel costs and general expenses, making rowing accessible to all students

Boat Club - Freddie Fisher New Boat Fund - supports the purchase of new equipment, such as boats and oars

Boat Club - Boathouse Fund - set up to fund the refurbishment of the Boathouse, which is in desperate need of funding to restore and make it a useable space for everyday use as well as events

IMPORTANT NEWS - the first £20,000 worth of gifts made to the Boat Club, either direct to the College or through the Telethon, will be matched by the College, so please help the Boat Club to unlock this matched funding by making a gift today!


If you’d like to support an area that is not listed, please contact the Development Office on, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.