The highlight is the Massada Seminar, a public address by the Fellow at the Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre.

Israel and Ione Massada Fellowships Programme

We regret to announce that, due to Covid-19-related regulations and restrictions, all applications and activities relating to the Massada Programme are suspended until further notice.

The Massada Fellowships Programme at Worcester College is funded by the generous donation of the late Ms Sheila (Storm) Kelly, in memory of her parents Israel and Ione Massada. Its aim is to promote academic interchange between Oxford and Israel.

The Massada Fellowships extend to practising scholars from all disciplines who are affiliated with an institution of higher education in Israel, whose work would benefit from being in Oxford for a two to three-week period. During their stay, Massada Fellows are encouraged to foster connections with local scholars, meet graduate students, advance their research and take part in College life. The programme provides a sociable academic environment, encouraging collaboration.
The programme covers the Fellow's flights and accommodation, and provides access to the Worcester College Library and the University libraries. The Fellowship includes 'full dining rights' in the Senior Common Room. Meals provide the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of our College, and to meet and exchange ideas with a wide range of academics from different disciplines.
Each Massada Fellow is the guest of a particular local scholar, who co-hosts with the Director of the Programme, Dr Naomi Rokotnitz. Together, the collaborating Fellow and the Director arrange for the visiting Massada Fellow's introduction to the relevant department or faculty and coordinate related events.
The highlight of the fellowship is the Massada Seminar, at which each visiting Fellow delivers a public address. Whether a lecture or a workshop, the event is open to an audience of students, academics, Old Members and the public. Massada Fellows will receive guidance, supervision and assistance from the Director of the Programme throughout their stay, and in preparation for this event. Visiting Fellows usually deliver further talks, seminars or workshops, depending on their research interests and their collaborations with local scholars and students.
The College is grateful to Old Member and Honorary Fellow, Martin Paisner, for establishing the link that has made this programme possible. 
Massada Fellows and their colleagues at Worcester are also eligible to apply for an extended project grant. This can cover a return visit to Oxford to continue a joint venture; a return visit to Israel by the collaborating Worcester Fellow; a symposium or similar event. 
Who is eligible to apply?
*Practising scholars from all disciplines who are affiliated with an institution of higher education in Israel
*Scholars whose work would benefit specifically from being at Oxford
*Scholars whose research interest overlaps with that of at least one Oxford  Fellow who has expressed an interest in co-hosting the visit
*Scholars who are likely to have a continuing collaboration with Oxford
For further information, please contact the Director of the Programme: email:
See Dr Rokotnitz's academic profile at

We regret to announce that, due to Covid-19-related regulations and restrictions, all applications and activities relating to the Massada Programme are suspended until further notice. 

List of forthcoming Massada Fellows and Events

Massada Seminars are free and open to all members of the University and the general public.

2020 - Trinity Term Professor Menahem Kister from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Collaborating Fellow in Oxford, Professor Hindy Najman. Postponed to May 2022, due to Covid-19.

2020 - Michaelmas Term Dr Neta Bodner, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Collaborating Fellow in Oxford, Dr Conrad Leyser.

2021 - Hilary Term Dr Yaacov Falkov, history, Tel Aviv University and IDC Herzliya; Collaborating Fellow at Oxford: Dr Roderick Bailey and The Clarendon Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Seminar Title: Spying the Evil: The Soviet Intelligence and Security Community Faces the Holocaust, 1939-91."

2021 - Trinity Term Dr Gil Gambash, Haifa University, Center for Mediterranean History; Collaborating Fellow at Oxford: Professor Josephine Quinn. Seminar Title: "The Rhythm of Cabotage: Innovation and Traditionalism in the Ancient Southern Levant." 27 May, 17:15 at Sultan Nazrin Shah Auditorium.

Also in Trinity Term Professor Chanita Goodblatt, Department of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; Collaborating Professor Peter McCullough. Seminar Title: "Writing and Editing a Life in Early Modern Scholarship: Evelyn Mary Spearing Simpson." 3 June, 17:15 at Sultan Nazrin Shah Auditorium.

List of past Massada Fellows

2020 Hilary Term Professors Ayman Agbaria and Daniel Statman, Haifa University, Philosophy; Collaborating Fellow at Oxford: Chaplain Dr Tess Kuin Lawton. Seminar title: '"From the Wells": A Jewish-Arab educational initiative: Theory and Practice'. 

Also in Hilary Term Dr Zohar Rubinstein, Tel Aviv University, Medicine; Collaborating Fellow at Oxford: Professor John Parrington. Seminar title: How urgent is the immediate, on-sight treatment of psychological casualties (or shock victims) in traumatic events? Testimony from the field.' And screening followed by Q&A with Dr Rubinstein of the award winning film "Streetscapes."

2019-20 Michaelmas Term Professor Renee Poznanaski, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, History; Collaborating Fellow at Oxford: Professor Robert Gildea. Seminar Title: 'Jewish? French? Transnational? Jews in the Resistance in WWII France'.
2019 Trinity Term Professor Irad Malkin, Tel Aviv University, Archaeology  and Ancient History. Seminar title:  'Fairness, Equality, and the Founding of Four Hundred Ancient Greek Cities'; Collaborating Fellow: Professor Scott Scullion.

2019 Hilary Term Professor Oren Gazal Ayal, Dean of Law, Haifa University. Seminar title: 'Jews and Arabs in the Israeli courts: Exploring just treatment of ethnic minorities'; Collaborating Fellow: Professor Julian  Roberts.

And also Dr Irad Kimhi, philosopher. Seminar title: 'The linguistic turn away from absolute idealism'; Collaborating Fellow: Dr Steven Methven. 

2018-19 Michaelmas Term Professor Shlomi Segall, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, PPE, and Professor Daniel Statman, Haifa University,  Philosophy and Political Theory. Collaborating Fellow: Dr Zofia Stemplowska. Seminar titles: Professor Segall, 'The Value of Equality: Positive or Negative?'; Professor Statman, 'Can Preferential Treatment Discriminate Against its Beneficiaries?'

2018 Trinity Term Dr Tovi Bibring, Bar Ilan University, French; Collaborating  Fellow: Dr Laura Ashe. Seminar title: 'Exceptional Medieval Story-tellers: How Three Jewish Writers of Hebrew in Europe Challenged the Dominant Culture of their Times'.     

2017-18 Michaelmas Term Professor Avishai Dekel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Astrophysics; Collaborating  Fellow, Dr Sugata Kaviraj. Seminar title: 'The Magic Scale of Galaxies: how the preferred mass and time for galaxy and black-hole formation originate from the physical processes of supernova feedback and gas heating in massive dark-matter haloes'.

2017 Trinity Term Dr Amy Gelbart, Herzog College, Education; Collaborating Fellow, Dr Gabriel Stylianides. Seminar title: 'How the fundamentals of improvisation and playback theatre can help you enhance creativity, cultivate listening skills and adopt a growth mindset that improves communication'.

2017 Hilary Term Professor Ronen Perry, Haifa University, Law; Collaborating Fellow: Professor Donal Nolan. Seminar title: 'Online anonymous speech: Technology, Law and Economics: problems and solutions arising from social networks'. 

2016 Summer Dr Yaakov Falkov, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, History; Collaborating Fellow: Professor Robert Gildea.