December 2019

Tree Information Signs

Three new brushed brass effect tree information signs have now been put up in the gardens in response to a visit by David from the Tree Register back in November 2018.

The following two paragraphs are from the Gardener’s blog regarding this visit:

“The Catalpa speciosa was planted in 1913, first flowered in 1922 and was first measured in 2011 by Oxford City Tree Officer, Chris Leyland. Its measurements were 22m tall x 3.58m girth, measured at 1.5m above ground, and it was these measurements that gave it its 'Champion Tree' status as 'The tallest and the largest of its species in Britain and Ireland'.

Prior to 2011 the previous champion was at Radnor Gardens in Twickenham but this tree was felled in 2005, two other trees held the champion status over the next six years until 2011 when the Worcester College tree took the title.

Last month the tree was remeasured and, having continued to grow, its new measurements are 22.8m tall x 3.76m girth, measured at 1.5m above ground, this reconfirms its continued status as 'The tallest and the largest of its species to be found anywhere in Britain and Ireland', a true Champion!

Two other trees found in the gardens have now joined the Catalpa as a 'Champion Tree' with the Tree Register, a Metasequoia glyptostroboides, measured at 27m x 3.19m at 1.5m above ground, and a Firmiana simplex, measured at 7.6m x 0.48m at 1.5m above ground. These two trees have been awarded the 'County Champion Tree' status rather than 'Britain and Ireland', the Metasequoia is the tallest in Oxfordshire and the Firmiana is the best specimen in Oxfordshire (the 3rd largest and the 2nd tallest in Britain and Ireland).”