College Officers

College Officers for academic year 2020-21:

Interim Provost: Professor Kate Tunstall

Vice-Provost: Dr Peter Darrah

Senior Tutor: Dr Scott Scullion

Tutor for Graduates: Dr Michael Mayo

Tutor for Admissions: Professor Laura Ashe

Dean: Dr Paul Azzopardi

Development Director: Ms Kate Foley

Development Strategy Fellow: Mrs Coleen Day

Other Officers:

Fellow Librarian, Keeper of Archives and Data Protection Officer: Mr Mark Bainbridge

Equalities Officer: Dr Michael Mayo

Safeguarding Officer: Dr Marchella Ward

Financial Aid Officer: Dr Conrad Leyser

Garden Master and Flag Master: Professor Julian Roberts

Dean of Degrees: Dr Scott Scullion

Deputy Dean of Degrees: Dr Conrad Leyser

Assistant Deputy Dean of Degrees: Dr Matthew Cheung-Salisbury

Senior Treasurer of Amalgamated Clubs: Professor Bob Harris

Curator of Pictures: Dr Alexander Sturgis

Editor of the College Record: Ms Kate Foley