EDI Fund

Trinity Term 2023 - We have launched a new EDI Fund for staff or students to help develop special projects or initiatives to advance equality, diversity and inclusion in College life.

The EDI Fund can be used to support new, innovative, creative and impactful opportunities that promote equal opportunities and an inclusive culture at Worcester. Some ideas of what you could get funding for include: 

  • Host a cultural celebration
  • Kick-off a diversity & discussion film club 
  • Create a new library of resources
  • Invite a guest speaker to the College 
  • Organise a series of workshops or training sessions
  • Develop some diversity & inclusion campaign materials


The Trinity Term 2023 EDI Fund is now closed for applications. The winners will be announced shortly.

The EDI Fund will be re-opened for applications in Michaelmas Term 2023.

About the EDI Fund

The stated charitable objects of Worcester College are to advance education, religion, learning and research for the benefit of the public. In line with this purpose, the College is committed to promoting equal opportunities and an inclusive culture which produces a positive, affirming, and dignified academic, employment and social environment for all.

The EDI Fund is a pilot funding project established in Trinity Term 2023 by the Provost and Governing Body of Worcester College. The fund may be used by staff or students to enable new initiatives or activities that will advance equality, diversity and inclusion in College life.

The annual Fund total is £2,500 with a maximum single award generally limited to £500, although this may be exceeded if wider or long-term impact can be demonstrated.


The purpose of the EDI Fund is to encourage and support projects that will help Worcester College meet its EDI objectives and inspire greater outcomes to advance equality, diversity and inclusion within our community.

The fund may be used to deliver special events or create opportunities that will engage, support and include all College members, particularly those with underrepresented (or “protected”) characteristics. Our main commitments to EDI are outlined in our Equal Opportunities Statement and accompanying EDI Policy.


Any current Worcester College student (including visiting) or staff member (academic or professional) may apply to the EDI Fund.

Areas of support

Small grants from the EDI Fund may be used to support one-off activities or kick-start initiatives with the potential for long-term impact. Grants can be given for the development of events, initiatives or projects in the following areas:

  • Community and outreach - to connect more diverse audiences with Worcester College (e.g. partnerships with other organisations to produce an event or exhibition)
  • Research, teaching and learning - to enhance teaching, research or learning opportunities for College members (e.g. to purchase books or provide training workshops)
  • College life and accessibility - to enrich the College’s cultural life, make opportunities more inclusive or improve access for different and diverse members of the College (e.g. religious celebrations or themed events)

Criteria guidelines

Proposals should be for projects or initiatives that:

  • address existing disparities/inequalities pertaining to protected characteristics as described in the Equality Act 2010
  • bring benefits or impacts that are likely to be for more than any one individual
  • create new or extend existing activities for wider impact or positive results

Applications must be for projects or initiatives that will be completed by the end of the academic year in which the application is made. Any funds awarded to but not spent by a project within this time will revert back into the EDI Fund for the next application round.

Applicants will be required to produce a short summary report within 6 weeks of the project's completion to describe how the funding was spent and assess the impact, outcomes or feedback from the project.

Additional information

Funding applications are accepted in a gathered field each term and must be submitted by Friday of Week 2 to be considered in that term’s funding round.

Applications will generally be reviewed and applicants notified of the funding decision within two weeks of their submission.
Applications will be assessed by a panel comprising the Equalities Fellow, Provost and nominated student member of the EDI Committee. All grants shall be awarded at their discretion.

If the maximum limit of the fund is reached before the end of the academic year, applicants will be notified and may resubmit their application when the fund has been replenished.

Please note that this is a pilot funding project and all guidelines and criteria are subject to change.