Decolonising the Library Shelves

Update -- 30 November 2020: The Library's exhibition is now live! Have a look and see how you might amplify your syllabus, based on the Library's excellent new resources:


Update -- 2 November 2020: Thanks to all Worcester members who submitted their suggestions for this project. The Library is now working through the list, preparing to acquire all titles we don't already hold. We will arrange an online exhibition, so please stay tuned. Thanks again for helping to decolonise our library, enrich our resources, and build our community.


Call for Proposals:

The Library, together with the College's Equity and Inclusion Action Group, have launched an invitation to Worcester students and staff to help us ensure that the Library offers College members access to the work of Scholars and Writers of Colour who are all too often left off the University's reading lists, and to participate in an Exhibition to publicise and promote that work.

So, whose work is missing? What titles should the Library purchase?  Please submit your suggestions by email to, giving 

·         Name of Scholar or Writer:

·         Title of key work:

·         Short blurb on what it brings to your area of study (say 200 words, explaining why the work is important and what its inclusion on the syllabus would do):

The College Library will then ensure that the book suggested enters its collections. (If the book isn’t available for acquisition, we will work with you to find a suitable alternative.) The Library will also arrange an Exhibition to display our choices in the course of this term or next (depending on coronavirus restrictions). And your 200-word blurbs will help write the labels for the exhibits.

Students are welcome to work together as subject/year groups (e.g. 4th-Year Linguists, 1st-year PPE) and send group suggestions. But individual suggestions are very welcome, too.

Please submit suggestions by Friday of 2nd Week, Michaelmas Term (23rd October 2020).