The Community, Equality & Decolonisation Fund

27 January 2021 Update: CED Recipients and New Call for Proposals

We're very happy to announce that the CED has recently funded two exciting new projects, with a few more still in the works:

The first is Queerness Beyond Borders -- an online symposium, planned for this coming summer, that organisers will turn into a podcast series available to the general public. The symposium, as Johann Go and the other student organisers put it, 'will explore issues such as inter-sex rights across countries, the boundaries of the "gender binary," queerness as grounds for refugee status, and ways to translate academic ideas into policy outcomes. Queerness Beyond Borders seeks to expand theoretical and practical horizons.'

And the second is Tango: Music and Movement through Immigration -- two evening events in which participants will enjoy live music and learn how to dance the Tango, all while learning the history of the dance in its contexts of immigration, the slave trade, and Latin American culture. As the Samuel Molina and the co-organisers put it 'the project will simultaneously bring together and develop the community around Tango and Latin American musical traditions. The goal of the project is to act as a bridge within this community: both across the "town/gown divide," but also across the gap between academic and artistic production.'

Organisers will publicise further information over the course of the term, so do look out for it. Feel free to be in touch with the Equalities Officer, as well, with any questions.

New Call for Proposals

The Fund announces a new round of proposals for Hilary 2021. The invitation is the same as before, with a few further specifications below.

Do you believe in the values of community, equity, and decolonisation? Do you want your College to do more -- or do something different -- to promote them? Do you wish there were a more explicit institutional engagement with educational inequalities, and with the living legacies of colonialism? Do you wish we had more opportunities in College to think about alternative models of learning or how to share the planet's limited resources?

This is an invitation to all members of Worcester -- MCR, JCR, SCR, and all staff -- to apply for funding for events they'd like to hold in Trinity and Michaelmas 2021. These events might include invited speakers, workshops, small-scale exhibitions, and performances, but any well worked-out proposal with costings will be considered. Events will need to be pandemic-secure, but if applicants wish to do an in-person version of their event, should the pandemic come to an end soon, they should include costings for that as well.

The deadline for receiving applications is midday on Friday of 5th week. Applications should be no longer than a page and should describe the proposed project, giving the name of the organisers, a clear break-down of costs, the planned date, and, if relevant, location in College. (Possible locations could include the Nazrin Shah, the sitting and dining rooms of the Lodgings, and the Provost's Gardens.) Applications should be sent to

Proposals will be considered by a committee composed of the Interim Provost (Kate Tunstall), the Equalities Officer (Michael Mayo), plus at least two others, drawn from the MCR, SCR, JCR, and staff, who have not themselves put in an application.

Please be aware that funds are, of course, limited. Costings should be as specific as possible. Projects that can be supported elsewhere should seek support from those sources first. We encourage involvement from the widest range of people, including but not limited to early career academics, independent scholars, and artists, as well as from tenured professors. Please note that in the case of tenured professors, we would not normally offer honoraria (though we would cover costs, e.g., transportation, food, overnight accommodation, where necessary). For more information on any of these items, please write to the Equalities Officer.