Courses offered

BA (Hons) Music: 4 students per year.


Thomas Hyde, BA, MMus, DPhil
Matthew Cheung-Salisbury, BA, MSt, DPhil

Course overview

The College normally admits 4 undergraduates a year to read Music, of which one place may be for an organ scholar.

The course is of three years duration, and there is an Honour Moderations examination at the end of the first year. Besides the core subjects of History of Music, basic Techniques of Composition and Analysis which all must take, the music course offers a wide range of options to suit the interests of individuals. These include performance and composition (available at both first and third year examinations) and in the Final Honour School only, Dissertation, Editorial exercise, Analysis, Electro-acoustic Music, Orchestration, Ethnomusicology, as well as a choice of historical and other special subjects. Typically undergraduates receive two tutorials a week, although this may be augmented by a third in certain terms depending on the choice of special subjects, for which arrangements are usually made with tutors from other colleges. Tutorials take place individually or in pairs as well as in small seminar groups.

Although the University does not provide instrumental tuition, for those offering Performance as an examination option, the Faculty of Music offers termly financial support for students to take instrumental and vocal lessons either with teachers based in Oxford or outside. The Faculty of Music offers master-classes from visiting ensembles.  Practical music-making is encouraged as part of an undergraduate’s general musical education and there are many opportunities for performers to take part in orchestral, choral and chamber music concerts as well as to give recitals, and for composers to have works performed. Although much of such activity takes place throughout the University, Worcester College has its own music society (detailed in Music at Worcester) which also provides a platform for such activities.


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