Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

Courses offered

BA (Hons) Classical Archaeology & Ancient History (3 years): 1 student per year.

Course overview

This is an innovative course at Oxford, not only in its combination of literary and material sources for the history of the ancient world, but also in its teaching methods: several of the papers are team-taught in small classes by an archaeologist and a historian, alongside traditional tutorials for other options. There is an important practical element, with participation in at least one excavation required during the degree, and all students submit an extended piece of writing (a "site report" or "museum report") as part of the final examination. It is possible to study Latin and/or Greek as part of the course, but not compulsory.

Professor Quinn's research interests include Greek, Roman and Phoenician History and Archaeology with a particular focus on North Africa and the Near East, as well as gender studies. Professor Quinn is happy to discuss this course with potential applicants.


The College normally accepts one undergraduate every year to read Classical Archaeology & Ancient History. Students who apply for this degree will be asked to submit two pieces of written work, marked by a teacher. This should usually be normal school coursework. Candidates should contact the College if they have any questions about this or foresee any problems with the requirement. Candidates invited for interview will have at least two interviews in early December with specialists in several different areas of the subject. Applicants may be called for interview by more than one college while in Oxford; this is to enable us to find places for as many good candidates as possible. In the interviews tutors will be trying to bring out students' merits, not to trip them up. They are, above all, looking for potential and an enquiring mind.

Full details of the degree's structure and descriptions of all the courses and options are available on the university website and the classics website.

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