Courses offered

MBiochem Biochemistry: 3 students per year.


Nicholas Crump, MA, MSci, DPhil

Course overview

Biochemistry is the study of life at the molecular level. The College admits 3 undergraduates every year to read Biochemistry. It is essential to have A-level or equivalent in Chemistry plus another science or Mathematics. A-level Biology is not required because part of the first-year course provides the necessary biological background, although it is useful. Similarly, students without A-level Mathematics pick up all the required skills by taking the first year Quantitative Biochemistry course. Both pre- and post A-level applications are welcome.

The course begins with a general introduction to biochemistry in the first year, when five courses are taken, and gradually becomes more advanced and wider in scope. Throughout the course, tutorials provide an opportunity to explore and discuss the material encountered in lectures and practical classes. An important aspect of the Oxford course is the project in the fourth year, which allows students to explore both laboratory-based research and specific recent advances in biochemistry in detail.  Undergraduates choose the project themselves, working either within the Biochemistry Department or in related institutes such as Molecular Medicine, Pharmacology, and Pathology.  Under the supervision of a group leader, students will design their own experiments. They will also learn to plan research programmes and present results and ideas – orally and in written form – to other workers in the field.


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