Christina, 2nd Year, Law

The reason I decided to study law was because I found it an interesting and diverse subject which is relevant in almost all areas of our lives. The Oxford Law programme covers all the key aspects of law, such as Criminal law and Constitutional law, but it also goes further. For example, Oxford is unique in being one of the few universities to offer Roman Law as a core subject. You might think that it's useless studying defunct law, but you'll find when you study it that it actually forms an incredibly useful roadmap for when you come to learn English private law.

Law is notorious for being a hardcore subject but it doesn't mean that you don't have time to get stuck in to college life - if anything us lawyers get more stuck in! Most of your week's work will consist of reading, followed by writing up an essay to be handed in before your tutorial. We have either one or two tutorials a week, with a separate essay and reading list for each tutorial. Tutorials are a great opportunity to go over the week's reading and essay with your tutors and really question and debate the various aspects of the law. They can feel very intense sometimes but often the most intense tutorials are those in which you learn the most. Lectures are optional and you will find that some people go to more than others, which is normal - some find them more helpful than others. The important thing is to manage your time well, if you do there's no need for the stereotypical "oxford all-nighters" and you'll have plenty of time to work and play.

Worcester is a very strong law college, which is an advantage to those studying law here: we have the majority of our teaching in college due to our large number of law tutors, we have our own big law library and we have a large body of undergraduate and graduate law students, meaning that there's always someone willing to help you out if you're stuck! In addition, we have our very own law society, which organises lots of events and socials resulting in a very close-knit Worcester law body. One of the highlights of the year is the society's Law Dinner at which you will have the opportunity to meet alumni who are at the top of the legal field. Last year, I had the honour of speaking to Lord Brown, a justice of the UK Supreme Court, which was very awe-inspiring, having read many of his judgements throughout the year!

I had no idea of the advantages Worcester offered to its law students before I applied. I actually chose Worcester because of its beauty (the lake!), its fantastic accommodation and its brilliant catering. The strength of the law department here was a very pleasant surprise to me, and I hope it will be to you too! Christina.