Parents' Evening

For the first time this year we are running a virtual event for the parents (and other family members and supporters) of students who are in year 10 and 11 and who might be thinking about applying to a top university. Students (and their families) do not need to have made any firm decisions about where or what they would like to study, and are welcome to ask us any questions they might have about what university is like, and any concerns that they have (fitting in, fees and funding, meeting academic requirements, choosing A Level subjects etc). We will give a short presentation aimed at parents and guardians who want to support students to aim high, and leave plenty of time for you to ask any questions that you have.

The event is open to parents, guardians, family members and other supporters of students who are studying in year 10 or 11 at a state school in one of Worcester College's link areas. It will take place at 6pm on Tuesday 2nd February and will last about an hour and 30 minutes. Please fill in this form to register, and do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.