The Lockdown 2021 Challenge - Week 2

Lockdown is here again, and this time we are issuing a challenge to students in year 7, 8 or 9 at UK state schools. On Friday every week we will put up a new lockdown challenge, relating to a subject that you can study at university, and a question about studying at university. You will have until the following Friday to submit your answers to us. You can submit your answers using this online form. Please send any questions to us at (and don't worry if you have missed last week's challenge, which was a Linguistics question: you can access it here.)


Lockdown Challenge Week 2: Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences is the study of the planet that we live on. Students who study this subject have to combine lots of different types of knowledge and skills (from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Geology etc), and think about lots of important questions about the future of our planet. Think about the question below (and if you can, discuss it with members of your household), and see whether you think Earth Sciences might interest you. 

Could we live on another planet? 

If you are not sure where to start, click here to find out more about this question, and get some hints and tips on how to go about answering it!


Thinking about university...

Some of the subjects that you can study at university are the ones that you are already learning about at school. If you enjoy studying English, or Maths, or History at school, you might want to learn more about that subject at university. But at university you can also learn about lots of subjects that you won't necessarily have the change to study at school - you can start learning about something completely new! There are some subjects at university that you might not even have heard of. What do you think students learn about when they study...

1. ... Anthropology?

2. ... Psychology?

3. ... Classics?