An Introduction to University Applications for Year 10 - 11

At this point in the school year, our Access and Outreach team usually make visits to schools in our link region to talk to students in year 10 and 11 about the process of applying to university. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we haven't been able to do that this year, so we have put a video online of the presentation we would have given: 'An Introduction to University'.

In the presentation, Access and Outreach Officer Claire Sims will cover some of the questions you might have if you currently studying in year 10 or 11, and are thinking about continuing on to A-Levels and potentially making an application to university. In these presentations, we always focus on what we know the most about (which is highly selective universities, particularly universities like Oxford and Cambridge) but what we say is relevant for most other universities too - so we hope that it will be relevant for you wherever you think you might like to study for your degree. We will cover careers, applications, A Level and degree subject choice, finances and funding for university study, student life... and most other things you can think of!

If you have any more questions about university please feel free to get in touch with Claire by email: You could also use the resources elsewhere on this website to start thinking about what subject you might want to study, or to read around your subject area in order to make your university application really stand out. We have made some resources available online for you to do that here. We also have some more videos available that go into a bit more detail about the process of applying for university, and applying to Oxford in particular - they were designed for year 12s, but it won't hurt to get a head start and watch them anyway! You can access them here.