Below are some resources that you could use to support your study of GCSE Classics from home:


A map of all of the places in ancient myths

A revision handbook for Latin GCSE

A family tree of the Greek gods

Short lectures from MASSOLIT (note, MASSOLIT usually operate a subscription model, but you can currently access all of their lectures for free by requesting a free trial)

Some comics: Theseus and the Minotaur, Orpheus, Heracles.

Virtual access to the British Museum via GoogleMaps (this link will take you into a gallery, in front of the Rosetta stone!)

Resources for each of the topics for Ancient History GCSE provided by Warwick University

The Oxford Classics faculty play Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and talk about topics relevant to Classical Civilisation GCSE (Athens, archaeology, the cyclops...)

Comic versions of books of Homer's Odyssey

Classics TL;DR (YouTube summaries of classical texts by an Oxford student)

Homeric hero infographic

Interactive texts of the Latin GCSE texts: click here for the verse selections and here for the prose selections

Examples of 'xenia'

A radio documentary about Greek myths

These videos by Oxford Classics students asking big questions about the study of the ancient world

A radio documentary about the Trojan War

Epic similes revision

Epithet revision

An interactive map of how different ancient civilisations interacted

These videos on Roman City Life

Resources for each of the topics for Classical Civilisation GCSE collected together by the University of Warwick 

A YouTube channel on Ancient Greek grammar