Support with your university applications

Under normal circumstances, our outreach team have a very active programme of visiting schools and sixth form colleges in our link areas, and giving them advice and guidance on all aspects of the application process - from careers and subject choice, to which A Levels you need for which courses, and what to write in your personal statement. We aren't able to do that at the moment, because of the schools closures, so we will be trying to make as much of our insights into the application process available via 'virtual visits'. You will be able to listen to our presentations in the Worcester College Outreach YouTube channel. We will be talking about what we know - which is the process of applying to Oxford, Cambridge, and other highly selective universities - but we hope that this material will be relevant for anyone who is thinking about applying to any UK university. 


If you want to know the answers to any of the following questions...

- Why should I think about applying to Oxford / Cambridge?

- How do I choose which subject I want to study at university?

- What does university cost, and how do students pay for it?

- What kinds of careers could I go on to have?

- What is life like as a student at Oxford?

... have a look at this video


If would like to go straight to information about the admissions process, and have questions such as...

- How do I apply to university?

- What should I write in my personal statement?

- How do universities choose which students to admit?

- Why do some universities have admissions tests in some subjects?

- Where do I find resources to 'read around' the subject I would like to study?

- What happens in an Oxford interview and how can I prepare?

... then click here




You could also watch this video about choosing a college, and we will shortly be uploading a video giving you a virtual tour of Worcester College. As always, if you have any questions about applying to university, feel free to get in touch with us: