The Tom Whitehead Prize in Law

Some background about Tom Whitehead

Tom Whitehad (1997, Law) was a Worcester alumnus who went on to be a successful shipping barrister at Stone Chambers. Very sadly Tom was diagnosed with Bowel cancer in 2016. He subsequently died in January 2018 at the age of 39. 

The wonderful tribute to Tom wirtten by his colleagues at Stone Chambers can be found on page 88 of the Worcester College Record 2017-2018 -

What will the prize be awarded for?

The prize will be awarded annually to the Worcester College law student who achieves the best performance in their first degree and is a prize that Tom himself would have won.

What will the prize be, and therefore how much are you intending to raise?

We intend that the annual prize will be £1,000. Assuming an annual return of 4% (including the benefit of Gift Aid), we therefore aim to raise £25,000.

How will the prize be presented?

Where possible, it is intended that this would be done annually in person either by Miranda Whitehead or, in future, by one of Tom's two daughters (Cordelia and Florence). Tom maintained his links with the College after graduation (by being both a benefactor and a regular attendee at the annual Worcester College Law Dinner) and he would certainly have wanted those links to be maintained in his absence. 

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